Dating app founder detained after supporting prostitution

The founder of a dating platform in Malaysia has been detained on allegations of backing prostitution. Although he was released on bail before, he is now back in the police net. 

SurgerBook App Boss in police custody 

 The creator of the sugar book dating platform in Malaysia has just been arrested after violating prostitution laws in the country, security officials said. Though the police refused to name the person, media sources insisted that the accused is 35 years old Darren Chan. 

The sugar book social network promises to connect younger ladies with older guys who tail give the ladies Financial support amongst other requests. A few days ago, the dating platform boasted that many students who called sugar babies have registered on the platform. After various outcries after the statement, access was suspended abruptly. 

The owner of this app was caught in the capital of Kuala Lumpur. He was briefly arrested before being rearrested on Friday morning. He is yet to make a public comment since the issue but issued a tweet on Wednesday saying 

 » We have not displayed any form of a nude on our platform nor supported prostitution, we have lost the plot. The government of Malaysia knows the truth and what the citizens want.  »

Dating platform promises connecting Students with wealthy Malaysians 

The motto of the app is ‘Finance meets Romance’ and it promises users a sugar connection that will benefit both parties. The site says it is a dating site that offers symbiotic relationships for wealthy citizens and the elite. A few days ago, it boasted that thousands of students from the best institutions in Malaysia have registered in the app to help their lives. According to police boos, Fadzi Ahmat, ‘The police is investigating a case of attempted prostitution and Gigolo. 

Also, we will be looking at if there was fake reporting to cause fear to the citizens. The Malaysian government has suspended the Sugarbook platform saying it went against internet policies.