Sexual pleasure: 3 tips to make your partner come?

There are many rules for making a man come, especially if it’s the man you love and share your life with. If you have the effective techniques to make your partner cum, you can easily get him hooked and at the same time make yourself indispensable to him.

Give importance to foreplay

We often hear about the importance of foreplay for women, but rarely for men. If you would like more information click for more details. Yet men love these moments before the act. Give him a good blowjob, look into his eyes, and caress his whole body. Be cuddly, and you can even think about giving him a massage, before you start making love.

Erotic scenes

Routine and conventional sex kills love and desire. To make your man fall for you, you need to break all barriers and let your imagination run wild before and during sex. Sensual strip teases turn men on and drive them crazy – it’s also a way to reclaim your body and feel sexy and desired by your sweetheart. Never forget that visual arousal is as strong as sensual massages, so dress sexy with nice underwear or a nice nightie. Finally, all you have to do is apply these tips to give your partner a lot of pleasure in bed. And don’t hesitate to share your tips or remarks in the comments below.

Communication during sex

Do you want to send your man to 7th heaven and make him cum quickly? To make his darling reach orgasm, it is necessary to verbally exchange with him during sex using suitable words to increase his desire and excitement. Compliment him on his looks to make him feel valued and to increase his self-confidence. Don’t forget to whisper some sweet, sexy words in his ear! Also, some men like to be insulted or ridiculed in bed. See if he likes to be dominated.