US oil production slumps to 42% as waves rock Texas operations

The cold wave that affected most parts of Texas, has caused a huge decline in oil operations in the region. It is likely the US will have an increase in oil rates. 

US oil production declines to 42%

The total crude oil production of the US has dipped to above 41% – which is the highest decline ever- because of the weather issues and cold blast across Texas and nearby states. 

According to the traders and industry officials, the impact of the blast has affected several oil operations. Oil output has not declined more than 5 million barrels daily across all regions according to a close source who doesn’t want to mention.

Before the weather problem, the United States usually produces more than 10. 5 million barrels daily according to government sources. The total aggregate of losses incurred has risen in the last two days as oil firms and businesses continue to count their loss.

Traders and oil officials now believe that their losses are higher than predicted. The Permian basin is regarded as American’s largest oilfield, and it is the location that is mostly affected by the weather blast in the central region of the country. 

Oil production in Texas should be back to normal in 10 days – Expert 

The output in the field has been down to about 66% from normal production levels. A top oil expert, Amrita Sen has said that losses incurred by all businesses were great and predicted that it would take a while to get back to the level they were before the storm. 

This disruption has impacted the price of oil as they have increased to their highest rate this year. The chaos in Texas has prompted many big plants in the region to close a business temporarily. Firms that have a close business are Occidental Petroleum which is the second biggest oil firm in the Permian region. It has recently issued a force majeure to all customers because of the unfortunate incident.