President Biden of the US to talk about China, coronavirus at G7 meeting

The G7 meeting will come up on Friday, and it is expected that President Joe Biden will discuss crucial issues. 

President Biden to talk about China and COVID-19 at the summit 

The president of America has said his main objective at the summit of G7 is about the COVID-19 virus and the Chinese government. According to White House correspondence, global response to the pandemic will be the main topic. 

Mrs. Jen Psaki said the president is very concerned about the coronavirus and its relationship with China. The G7 which is an acronym of Group 7 is a meeting between top western nations. Russia was a former member before the 2013 annexation of the Crimea region. After this action by Russia, they were removed by the group. 

The meeting on Friday will be the US’s first main international meeting since the administration started a month ago. It will be a virtual engagement because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the promotion of social distance. According to Jen Psaki, the president wishes to focus on how the world has responded to COVID-19 and issues with the distribution of the vaccines.

Presidential Aide says President concerned about developing countries COVID-19 vaccinations 

She also said the president will talk to the WHO and how they can put more effort into giving war-torn and less-developed nations COVID-19 vaccines.  » Using multilateral efforts and financial collaboration, President Biden wishes to address the summit about how the top western nations can do better in health and vaccine distribution to emerging countries.  » Psaki stated. 

The president is also expected to talk about the global economy and the importance of western nations to support one another in trade and economic relations. She also noted that economic challenges like the one posed by the Chinese government. 

The Chinese economic muscles have been a great concern for American leaders in recent years, with the Ex-president, Donald Trump putting various tariffs on goods coming to firm China, especially those relating to technology transfer.