Traffic Filtering: The ABCs of Network Visibility

Monitoring and securing modern networks requires finding “the needle” without destroying the network, or even the network traffic. Very sophisticated and automated analytics tools make this possible. Specialized tools like:
Network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD)
Application performance monitoring (APM)
Next-generation firewalls (NGFW)
Intrusion detection systems (IDS)
Intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
It is simply not possible to manually monitor and secure our networks without these automated tools.

Features of Network Packet Brokers

This is when most companies start investigating the use of network packet brokers (NPB). Intelligent NPBs have a whole host of features, such as those listed below.
Traffic filtering and application filtering (traffic filtering by Layer 7 application) are features that directly help get more visibility and security from less monitoring and security tools capacity.
Purpose of Traffic Filtering
In short, the purpose of filtering traffic for our monitoring and security tools is to:
Make the tools operate more efficiently.
Make optimal use of the tool capacity.
Reduce our overall investment in individual tools sets.
Allow us to purchase additional tools.
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Typical Use Cases

Here are some real life use cases where traffic filtering is beneficial.
Reducing Security Tool Cost
Improving Voice and Video Monitoring
Filtering Encrypted Traffic for Decryption
Expediting “On-the-Fly” Troubleshooting
Considerations When Researching Network Packet Brokers:
Traffic filtering can be one of the most complex operations performed on any NPB. So it is critical to know what to look for when evaluating these tools. Below are some important NPB traffic filtering selection criteria.
Layer 7 Application Filtering
Operational Ease of Us.
No Dropped Packets.
Finding a needle in a haystack is difficult. Network packet broker traffic filtering capabilities help monitoring and security tools do the job much more efficiently.