Voluntary health insurance : the conditions to be a beneficiary

Today there are several categories of insurance that you can register for.  Among the latter, there is voluntary health insurance which takes care of your health.  This is a timely article to let you know what voluntary health insurance means and at the same time the conditions for receiving it.

Voluntary health insurance

Voluntary insurance is mostly reserved for people who are not or no longer compulsorily covered by one or more risks covered by the general social security system.  For example in the event of work accidents and occupational diseases, invalidity and old age.  Voluntary health insurance, for its part, constitutes a set of collective prepayment system.  Indeed, on a voluntary basis, the funds are transferred there and then regrouped separately.  Do not hesitate to consult the site read more  about voluntary health insurance.

 The missions of voluntary health insurance

The main mission of voluntary health insurance is to protect everyone’s health on the one hand and to support policyholders throughout their lives on the other hand.  Also the latter works in a way of another for the regulation of the health system and seeks, permanently, to reconcile the best cost of the care and the best quality.  To this end, it carries out analyzes in the field with health establishments and companies in order to achieve a better result.

 The conditions for benefiting from voluntary health insurance

The conditions for voluntary health insurance vary depending on the type of insurance, whether it is voluntary health insurance or optional health insurance.  Voluntary health insurance has several stages, namely :

 The affiliation request

The affiliation request is generally made by mail.  Therefore, the interested party must absolutely complete an admission application form.  After this, he sends it to the CCSS within three months from the month following the loss of membership.  In addition, the date of disaffiliation must be specified in the letter.  In addition, he must carefully keep his social security card and the identification number that he held.


Here it is about the contributions paid by the affiliate during the third month following the end of the compulsory affiliation.  This is done by bank transfer at the end of each month.  However, a direct debit can be made from his account if the requester authorizes it.

 End of membership

When the affiliate no longer wishes to benefit from voluntary health insurance, he is required to send a request for termination to the CCSS.  This is done through the exit declaration form.  Thus, he has the option of sending it by email, fax or regular mail.