South Carolina issues a ban for abortions and parental group sues

Abortion has been majorly banned in South Carolina with the Governor signing the bill. However, there has been dissent from some groups who feel the bill isn’t ideal. 

South Carolina bans Abortion 

The governor of South Carolina Mr. Henry McMaster has supported a bill that bans almost every type of abortion in the state. This he said was done, in the best interest of the citizens. The bill was signed into law on Thursday morning. 

The state joins other US states to ban many abortions which have gotten many people concerned and will likely end up in the Supreme Court there are many people happy with these decisions as they know how valuable human lives are’ ‘. The governor said this during a statehouse event which was well attended by many lawmakers who supported the bill. 

South Carolina Attorney expects court  cases 

This bill called’ ‘South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat and Protection Abortion Act”  has similarities with other abortion laws in states like Louisiana, Kentucky as Ohio. Also in 2018, Missouri banned abortions which have passed the eighth week of pregnancy while Alabama at ate banned any manner of abortions. 

However, the decisions of those states went to the Supreme Court where it was ratified. However, US federal laws allow any manner of safe abortion. After the bill was passed by the South Carolina lawmakers, Planned Parenthood society said they will go to court. This isn’t a new thing as similar bills have also been challenged at the court’s Jenny Black who heads Planned Parenthood has said the bill is ‘highly unconstitutional’. 

With the legal issues that will arise about this law, Alan Wilson who is the state Attorney General has vowed to stand and defend the bill, because every life matters. ‘Everyone has a right to challenge the bill, but due to my position in this state, I will defend it in the court of law’.